The main screen of the console contains several options.

c. Configuration: this will open the configuration options.

p. Press p. to Phone Home. This will open a connection to the central server to check for updates, deliver diagnostics or allow maintenance.

u. Update from usb0 allows you to attach a usb thumb drive and run an update script to update the appliance to a new(er) version.

R. This will reboot the system.

S. will shutdown the system.


After pressing 'c' in the console, you will get into the configuration screen, which will present you with several options and basic maintenance tasks.


  1. clear the index and start from scratch: the appliance will revert to a non-configured state.
  2. change web admin administrator password: this option will allow you to reset the administrator password.
  3. change ip address: this option will set the appliance to fixed ip and allow you to enter the settings.
  4. set configuration to dhcp: (re-) set network configuration to dynamic ip.
  5. will return you to the welcome screen, at which R will allow you to reboot and Swill allow you to shutdown the system.